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Agricultural Wetland Program

A mitigation program exclusively for agricultural producers enrolled in USDA programs to remain in wetland conservation compliance

Are you interested in purchasing wetland mitigation credits or enrolling your property into conservation?

Purchase Agricultural Wetland Mitigation Credits

Maintain wetland compliance by purchasing NRCS-approved mitigation credits


Remain in compliance with Farm Bill wetland compliance provisions

Gain flexibility in land use and management

Maintain eligibility for USDA programs and benefits

Simple, one-time transaction

Permanent transfer of mitigation liability to Magnolia

Compensatory Mitigation for Agricultural Wetlands

Agricultural producers can purchase mitigation credits from our wetland mitigation program to compensate for wetland impacts. This gives you the freedom to clear or drain wetlands on your property without breaking compliance with wetland conservation regulations. ​

Our team develops wetland conservation projects that develop and restore high quality wetland habitats. These projects are called agricultural wetland mitigation banks. These banks generate credits from ecological enhancements which can be used to mitigate impacts for agricultural wetlands elsewhere. Our NRCS-approved credits provide a streamlined solution for agricultural wetland compliance issues. Purchasing our agricultural wetland mitigation credits transfers all USDA wetland compliance liability from the producer to Magnolia in perpetuity.

Magnolia currently operates this wetland mitigation program in Illinois, Nebraska and Indiana.

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