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Experts in mitigation

Magnolia specializes solely in mitigation. We restore, enhance, and conserve habitat in some of the most sensitive and valuable ecosystems across the United States, while in turn providing efficient environmental compliance and ESG solutions for our clients.

Threatened & Endangered Species

Protecting habitat for at-risk species


Mitigate impacts to T&E species and associated habitat

Expedite project permitting

Transfer mitigation liability

Streamlined regulatory approval process

We Simplify Species Mitigation

Thousands of species across the United States are at risk of extinction due to habitat loss, invasive species, and climate change. Magnolia develops landscape-scale conservation banks that restore and conserve priority habitats for these threatened and endangered species. This allows us to efficiently offset project developers’ unavoidable impacts to at-risk species.

Our team has years of experience in identifying, restoring, and conserving priority species habitat and effectively supporting Habitat Conservation Plans across the country. Our portfolio of conservation banks is expanding; we are always looking for new opportunities to aid the recovery of at-risk species and help project developers solve complex permitting challenges.

How It Works

Magnolia Manages Mitigation

We will step in to handle all aspects of mitigation implementation, from site acquisition to long-term management.

Permit s Received

Agency provides permit to developer following approval of mitigation.

Long-Term Stewardship

Magnolia manages the long-term success of the mitigation project and reinvests funds into new conservation efforts.

Developer Impacts Natural Resource

Impacts may require a state or federal permit that mandates mitigation.

Magnolia Develops Mitigation Strategy

This could be as simple as providing credits from a pre-approved bank, or developing and managing turnkey mitigation just for your project.

Our Environmental Markets

Efficient Solutions

Magnolia specializes solely in mitigation and offers some of the most time and cost-effective solutions available. We are able to leverage our partnerships with private landowners, regulatory entities, and other stakeholders to deliver high-value mitigation solutions at scale.

Transfer of Liability

 Long-term management of mitigation projects can span multiple decades, leaving developers liable for maintaining complex projects many years down the line. Magnolia takes on all liability for the success of your mitigation, allowing developers to focus on what matters most to their business.

Quality Service

Our clients enjoy working with Magnolia because we are attentive, helpful, and easy to talk to. Get access to personal and supportive staff who have the specialized knowledge and experience needed to support your project.

Why Magnolia?

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